Hologram Technology

As technology continues to progress, we are given the opportunity to explore new and more exotic types of programming, software, hardware, and systems. One innovation that is growing at a rapid pace is hologram technology. Hologram is a physical structure that uses light diffraction to make an image and the image can appear to be three-dimensional.

The development of hologram technology began in 1962, at the University of Michigan, they developed innovative laser programs that recorded objects in 3D. Today holography is a very useful tool in many areas, such as in commerce, scientific research, medicine, and industry.

Some current applications that use holographic technology thats just around us are number one, Supermarket and department store scanners use a holographic lens system that directs laser light onto the bar codes of the merchandise. Number two Holograms are used in advertisements and consumer packaging of products to attract potential buyers. Number three the use of holograms on credit cards and debit cards provide added security to minimize counterfeiting. and many more.

In the future many invention will be created buy hologram technology. In 10 years many researchers believe that holographic televisions will become available and Optical computers will be capable of delivering trillions of bits of information faster than the latest computers and believe me many new invention will come in our next generation.